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Why is it important to get a coach?

You can find a thousand exercises on social media to 'fix' nearly any injury you think you might have or "optimally" condition your body for any sport you engage in. So why spend money on consulting a professional?

I see people every day saying they tried that stretch or this exercise and it didn't help them or in some cases even made things worst. Only to find that they were either doing the exercise wrong or did too much or too little. Load matters, and form matters. The number of reps/sets you need to do to stimulate positive adaptations and healing in your body depends on where YOU currently are at.

The details of an exercise program are important and should be adapted to each individual person. A good coach should be able to know when to regress and progress an exercise for you.

Finding the optimal load for a client is a skill good coaches, Biokineticists and Physiotherapists spend years to understand and master.

Even with the knowledge I have as a Physiotherapist I still value and benefit from training with good strength and conditioning coaches. There is always more to learn and things that you overlook in yourself. Don't try doing it alone get coached.

Paul Durand (MSc. Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy)

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