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Physiotherapists operate within a scientific paradigm, assessing and treating human function using standardized assessment methods and measures. This enables them to fulfill the function of writing medical reports unique to physiotherapy, that can be used in legal settings.

The process
Clients are usually referred for Medico-legal assessment by a legal representative. The client's legal representative sends the details and documentation for the assessment required to the physiotherapist.


The physiotherapist draws up a quote for the services needed. Once the client’s quotation is accepted and signed by the legal representative, an interview and consultation dates will be scheduled with the client. The medicolegal report is written and proof of payment of a 60% deposit is required prior to the physiotherapist sending the report to the legal representative. Discussions with the other medicolegal experts might need to be scheduled to clarify different opinions.

About Alida (Toy) Janse van Rensburg
Alida has been a physiotherapist since 1999, she completed a Masters in physiotherapy and has a special interest in musculoskeletal and orthopedic physiotherapy.


Medico-legal Fee Structure
All fees for consultation and assessment are based on an hourly rate.
Evaluation fees:

- Documentation Review: R850.00 per hour
- Clinical Interview and Consulting: R850.00 per hour
- Physiotherapy Assessment: R900.00 per hour

Consultations after regular working hours and over weekends will be charged at the above rate plus 30%.


Medico-legal Report: R750.00 per hour
The Conditions of Service hold that the final Medico-legal report will be released after 60% settlement of
the account unless otherwise agreed per request, by the client’s legal representative.


Court Testimony:
- Preparation Time: R750.00 per hour

- Court Testimony Time:
- Full day: R 7 000.00 (from 8h00 until 17h00)
- Half day: R 3500.00 (morning from 8h00 until 12h00 or afternoon from 12h00 until 17h00) 50 % of the expert testimony fee must be paid in advance, as the physiotherapist involved needs to book her schedule in advance to be able to attend the court proceedings.


Travel: R 300 per hour, plus expenses (airfare, accommodation, etc.)

Method of Payment
All accounts should be paid via electronic fund transfer. The practice banking details will appear on the
Proof of payment must be sent to


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