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Meet The Team

The PhysioXpert team is committed to identify the cause of your injury or problem, implementing evidence-based techniques to enable patient back to their activity & training in the fastest way possible.


We utilize evidence based treatment methods, implemented by a team of physiotherapists whose experience includes the completion of 2 Masters in physiotherapy, years of international working experience, the completion of both the Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) & sport courses.

Experienced physiotherapists treating you to assist you achieving optimal performance.

Our Story

PhysioXpert's physiotherapists strive to be the physiotherapy practise of choice in the Pretoria East area.

Our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists aim to provide accurate and effective evaluation and treatment to individuals who require their full physical potential to function in a fast-moving, competitive world.

Our treatments are evidence-based and cost effective, without compromising on the quality of care provided.

We offer you realistic and lasting solutions to address your injuries, decrease your pain and help promote your sporting and/or physical function.

We also aim to prevent sport injuries by addressing muscle imbalances and by correcting biomechanics with the application of appropriate rehabilitation.

PhysioXpert - Physiotherapist

Our Team

Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide quality service, run by physiotherapists with integrity, professionalism, honesty and flexibility who focus on the clients’ needs.

Our Vision

We aim to optimise your quality of life by addressing any injury and dysfunction, which hinders you to achieve your goals.

PhsyioXpert - Durand & Van Rensburg Physiotherapists

Toy Janse van Rensburg

MSc Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist, Toy is privileged to improve people’s quality of life by ensuring optimal physical functioning and wellness. She has gained extensive out-patient experience over the last 19 years while working with different experienced clinicians in a variety of in- and out-patient settings. She practiced as a physiotherapist in the UK from 2001 to 2010 as a member of a multidisciplinary team.


She has improved her clinical expertise by attending a range of musculoskeletal courses to become more specialised in the management and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, including chronic pain patients.


Her focus has shifted from not only alleviating the patient’s pain, but assessing the patient holistically to identify and treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. Her special interests include musculoskeletal physiotherapy, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and sport physiotherapy; in particular initiating treatment in the acute phase of the injury, as well as injury prevention. She has also completed an MSc degree in Physiotherapy (Sport) and obtained a certificate of competence from the University of Cape Town in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation therapy.

PhsyioXpert - Toy Janse Van Rensburg

MSc Physiotherapy

Soon after Paul graduated, he developed an interest in musculoskeletal and sport physiotherapy. He is passionate about movement and has become experienced in the re-training and optimisation of the correct movement patterns in athletes and active individuals. These specialised rehabilitation techniques help to prevent re-injury and improve athletic performance.


Paul believes that the correct combination of movement rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques is necessary to obtain the best results when treating patients.


As a BASI-certified pilates instructor, he offers individual and group classes. These classes are also safe for individuals who have had previous injuries and/or back problems. In 2012, Paul qualified as a Sport Physiotherapist after completing a postgraduate certification run by the South African Society of Physiotherapists. He currently completed a Master's Degree with Distinctions in Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town.

His research focused on running-related injuries.


Paul is an amateur road and trail runner, does CrossFit, and enjoys helping recreational and professional runners and athletes get back into the game.


Melanie believes that movement and good physical health are important components to general wellbeing. Helping people become fully functional after an injury brings her great joy.


She qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of Pretoria in 2010. During the past decade she has developed her clinical skills working in various clinical settings and gaining extensive experience in musculoskeletal injuries and hospital-based work, to name a few.


Melanie’s approach includes an in-depth evaluation into the source of the problem, a hands-on treatment and rehabilitation to prevent further injury. She has completed a postgraduate course in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy run by the South African Society of Physiotherapy. She is a qualified BASI Pilates mat instructor and also enjoys practising Pilates in her free time.

Her special interests include treatment of headaches, complicated neck and back pain problems and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She is a firm believer in the Pilates method application and has achieved brilliant results with this.

PhsyioXpert - Melanie Collatz
PhsyioXpert - Melanie Collatz

Melanie Collatz

BSc Physiotherapy

Whilst studying at the University of the Free State, Lezanne excelled at various professional hockey teams at junior and senior levels. Soon, her sporting lifestyle turned into a passion of helping patients return to their daily activities with ease and pain free.


Soon after, Lezanne completed her postgraduate certificate in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT), which added valuable knowledge in assessing her patients thoroughly and giving the best identified treatments and patient specific rehabilitation programs. She did this course to enhance her treatment approaches for back- and neckpain, headaches and other joint pain as effectively and clinically based as possible. She has also been working in a school based practise which has added different clinical reasoning to her expertise where return to sport is essential. She has a great interest in running injuries as she could relate, completing the Comrades Marathon. 


Lezanne not only believes in being hands on throughout treatments, but also in being involved in rehabilitation to result in the effectiveness thereof. 


Her special interest is working with people, and finds joy in assisting  patients from start until the end goal is reached.

PhsyioXpert - Lezanne Gissing
PhsyioXpert - Lezanne Gissing

Lezanne Gissing

Lindsay Wiggill

Practice Manager

Lindsay's passion lies in both the maintenance of current relationships, and the creation of new ones. In her role as Practice Manager and Accounts Manager, Lindsay brings a unique blend

of professionalism and approachability to the forefront of PhysioXpert's interactions.

Known for her strength, confidence, and kind-hearted nature, Lindsay consistently goes above and beyond to assist anyone

she interacts with.


Esti van Rooyen

Btech Biokinetics

Esti obtained a BSc in Human Movement Science at North West University, Potchefstroom campus and a Btech Biokinetics degree at Tshwane University of Technology in 2008.


She completed her internship in 2009 at a private practice,  specializing with special needs children. This is where she developed her passion for movement but also focusing on the individual needs.

Over the past 11 years, she has completed different courses to assist her in assessing posture, movement, mobility and functionality to work in a holistic manner using exercise as a modality in a scientific and structured manner to safely achieve each of your goals.

Toy Janse van Rensburg
Paul Durand

Paul Durand

PhsyioXpert - Paul Durand
PhsyioXpert - Paul Durand
Melanie Colatz
Lezanne Vermaak
Esti van Rooyen


Had lower back pain/issues. Paul sorted me out in a very short time.


Happy to be back running and cycling. They also helped me a lot over the past years while achieving my goal to finish my 10 Comrades races.


I honestly highly recommend them.


Physioxpert is a fitting name as Paul is an expert at what he does.


I have received nothing but great service from everyone at Physioxpert. Thank you.


I highly recommend PhysioXpert. Very easy to book appointments both online or by telephone.


My physiotherapist was Toy, she helped me with my injured ankle and was happy to answer any of my queries and support me post treatment


Toy is by far the best physio in pta east.


If you have any sports related injury, she is the best!!


I love the treatment experience and professional service at PhysioXpert. Melanie offers Pilates which she specifically adapts to my pre-natal needs, and her sessions are challenging and enjoyable, with meticulous attention being paid to posture and correct positioning. She also has amazing strapping skills and works wonders with my neck. I have struggled for years to find a decent physio practice, and love the fact that both Toy and Melanie are highly skilled practitioners who always manage to treat my pain and injuries effectively. The environment at the practice is inviting, and the service at reception is consistently friendly and helpful. After more than 8 years of treatment, I can say with confidence that this is truly the most highly recommended physio team in Pretoria East.


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