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Shoulder Pain.

Shoulder pain is a common health problem in both the general and athletic populations. Shoulder pain is especially prevalent in individuals whose activities include a lot of overhead movement, it can be present after a traumatic event or movement (Dislocations, subluxations, joint sprains, soft tissue injuries, and trauma as a result of impact). Shoulder pain can also be due to genetic causes (i.e. osteoarthritis). In athletes, acute injury usually involves an external force applied to the shoulder complex.

The shoulder joint is very complex. A thorough evaluation by an experienced clinician to diagnose the problem as early as possible helps to prevent secondary problems and effectively resolve the issue.

Causes for shoulder pain can include the following:

Common Causes:

rotator cuff injury

shoulder joint instability

bicep related injury

stiffness of the posterior shoulder structures

shoulder blade dysfunction

collarbone problems

Less Common Causes:

adhesive capsulitis

nerve or vascular injuries or entrapment

snapping scapula

fractures in or around the shoulder joint

( In some occasions shoulder pain is caused as a result of referred pain from structures in the neck and thoracic spine or even from the diaphragm, gallbladder, spleen, or lungs. On rare occasions the pain can also be caused by a tumor).

Here is an interactive way to identify your shoulder problem

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